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The 140 Over 90 Run is 100% organized and run by volunteers who have a personal connection to the cause and a lifelong dedication to healthful movement.

A wide range of experiences have brought us here as participants and volunteers, but we share common goals: We want to raise awareness about and funds for research into hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, including Preeclampsia, Eclampsia, and HELLP Syndrome. We want to do so in a way that furthers our own healthy movement goals and encourages others to engage in healthy movement; this goal is doubly important as we want to raise awareness of the lifelong increased cardiac risks that survivors face and how exercise can reduce them. If you share these goals and want to get involved, we'd love to hear from you!

If you are viewing on your phone, please peek at our amazing volunteers on your desktop/laptop! The phone app is not capturing everyone and we are working hard on fixing that tech issue!



Our Heart. 

Passionate. Giving Back. Fun. 

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