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What started as a quirky idea to raise money for the Preeclampsia Foundation, blossomed into something so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes on the regular.

I am a postpartum preeclampsia with severe features survivor. As an avid runner/walk/mover/shaker- this event speaks to my renewed passion for long-term health post-diagnosis. 

I live in Reno/Lake Tahoe area with my husband, our fearless two-year-old daughter, and we are anticipating our son to be born right after registration opens for the 2022 event!

After spending 15 years in non-profit development plus getting an MBA, I shifted gears to focus on my passion- health and fitness. I am a Duke Integrative Medicine Trained and Certified Health Coach and owner of Integrative Health and Wellness Group. I am so excited to be working with Liz on this event again AND the first annual Survivor Retreat in April 2022 via Integrative Health Retreats (part of IHWG), the 140 over 90 Run, and Circle Connection. Learn more here.

Meet the Founder and Race Director

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Meet our Assistant Race Director

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In her day job Liz is a volunteer coordinator and jumped at the chance to bring her logistic and paperwork expertise to this cause that is so dear to her heart. Liz survived both preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome while pregnant with her twins. Following their birth, she felt confused and lonely, and found that meeting and talking to other survivors and empowering herself through research have been incredibly impactful in her healing process.


She joins us from the sunny Florida Keys where in her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors and on the water, and cooking and sharing her food with others. She frequently shares recipes she's tried with us and is always open to chat about survivor life, or food of any kind. 

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