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Volunteers are the key to the success of the 140 over 90 Run.

Thank you to those that are stepping up to volunteer, your time and talents are helping save lives. Please sign up to volunteer using the link above.  We will connect with you to let you know we received your volunteer sign up and will stay connected before the event and especially the week of the event with instructions, last-minute details,  and your fun volunteer swag etc.


Positions with an asterisk* designates Lead Positions and will serve directly with Race Director/Founder and work to engage a team underneath of amazing volunteers.

Double Asterisk** will work with Director.




Fully REMOTE Positions:

**MOMbassador Groups (remote)- Have a group of ladies you do coffee with? Run with? Socialize with? Be a MOMbassador Group and we will provide you with a toolkit of Preeclampsia information, advocacy, and ideas on how to share the knowledge. We ask that each MOMbassador Group gets together (or virtually) hosts an event that has a heart-healthy component (walk, run, yoga, learning a new recipe) and fundraises over $100 for the Foundation. Each MOMbassador Group will receive a toolkit emailed to them, tips to fundraise, and the ability to set up a virtual workout with a certified group fitness instructor or yoga instructor, should they want. (approximately a 2-hour total commitment)


*Mission and Stories (remote)- Do you love to the power of words? To connect someone’s passion to a mission? Help by gathering stories of training, survivors, and family stories and compiling them to be used in social media etc. (approximately a 2-hour monthly commitment)


*Teams Coordinator (can be fully remote but would love to have at the event)- Do you thrive on helping others? What about digging for opportunities to help teams find places to fundraise, or coordinate groups to virtually and in-person reach their goals? Be the Teams Coordinator and help us grow our teams both virtually and in-person. We have a lofty goal and we want to grow it exponentially year over year- be a part of something large! (approximately a 2-hour monthly commitment)


Partially REMOTE Positions (positions will have some pre-event work and day-of support):


*Survivor and Family Support Coordinator - Are you a survivor or personally connected to the mission? Do you love to make others feel special and loved, especially when they may be dealing with a hard time and/or trauma? We want to make this event a celebration of our survivors, but also be cognizant of those we have lost (mamas and babies) to preeclampsia and other gestational hypertensive disordered. We have custom In Honor/In Memory signs, Survivor Shirts for those doing the walk, and would love a special “Family Area” that is set aside at the race with food, massages, and anything else that makes this event have that extra touch for mamas, families, and those who are missing moms and babies gone too soon. (approximately a 2-hour monthly commitment plus a weekend of commitment)


*Kids Run Coordinator - Do you LOVE high energy? Thrive on a little chaos and squealing little voices? We need you to help coordinate our kids run. Help with their custom Kids Run shirt design, day-of logistics, fun for the kiddos, plus volunteers to help with their run- if needed. (approximately a 1-hour monthly commitment plus a weekend of commitment)


*(position filled)Volunteer Coordinator- Logistics? Coordinating various groups? Sounds like your ideal party? We need a Lead Volunteer to make sure that we have enough volunteers for race weekend. With the Founder, Victoria, and Tina, Athlete Advocate, running 140 Miles over 90 Hours (last 3.1 miles is the actual 5k event)- we need a strong lead that can think on the fly, troubleshoot, and be the face for volunteers to see. So high fives, hugs, or fist bumps galore! This position will work closely with Victoria prior to race week. (approximately a 3-hour monthly commitment plus a weekend of commitment)


*Finish Line Coordinator- Do you celebrate everything in life? Then help us celebrate everyone that crosses that finish line. The majority of 5ks do not give our finisher medals, but we are not an ordinary 5k. We celebrate the strength of mamas and babies every day and so we are celebrating every step of that 5k and everyone gets a medal (You get a Medal! You get a medal!). Help create a unique celebration at the finish line-- is that a balloon arch, a marching band, let’s do it!! (approximately a 1-hour monthly commitment plus a weekend of commitment)

*(position filled) Athlete Advocate- Do you love serving people? Helping bring the calm and connecting the dots? Be our athlete advocate and help answer race questions, serve as the liaison for all things race-related and be that friendly spot int heir email box!  (approximately a 1-hour monthly commitment plus a weekend of commitment)


Race Weekend Positions:

Packet Pickup Coordinator- Do you love customer service? Helping to handle questions from every direction? Friday at The Running Zone and the morning of the event help with packet pick up (and any last-minute registrations!) and coordinate making sure we have enough volunteers to stuff packets (Thursday, June 17th) all the way through event day pick up! This volunteer will work with the Lead Volunteer to confirm enough volunteers. (weekend of commitment)


General Set-Up: Great for youth groups, civic groups, and fraternity/sororities! Assist with table, tent, and chair set up in Family Area.  Assist with sign placement along the course.  Light to moderate lifting is required for this position. (day of race commitment) 


General Event Tear-Down: Great for youth groups, civic groups, and fraternity/sororities! Help us tear down the event and make sure everything is nice and tidy!  Light to moderate lifting is required for this position. (day of race commitment) 


Course Cheerleaders and Balloon Squad aka MAG SQUAD: Rah! Rah! 1 mile to go! You got this! Help runners, walkers, and friends stay on course and give them the pep in their step they need in that hot June, Florida heat. Dress up! Bring Signs (we will provide some great phrases!)! Or be apart of the Our Infamous MAG SQUAD (named after the magnesium drip many survivors had to be one-- someone has to be last at the race, so the MAG SQUAD is it. You will walk behind the last registered runner/walker and cheer them on while holding balloons, signs, cheering, and all that fun jazz!!! (day of race commitment) 


Aid Stations: Service with a Smile! Help keep our runners cool with providing on-course water and cheers! (day of race commitment) 


Volunteer Guidelines:

Take pride in your role! 140 over 90 Run has a goal of raising over $20,000 for the Preeclampsia Foundation and we can not do it with you!  Help us foster another successful event by being prepared to answer any questions from runners, guests and other participants. 


You can find information including course information and a schedule of events on the links above.

Attire for the day should be comfortable, including your shoes.  You will be provided with a volunteer t-shirt when you check in on the day of the race. You are welcome to sign up for multiple shifts as long as they don't overlap.  Please make a note of this in the comments section when signing up. All volunteers are encouraged to help with clean up.  We expect this to occur around 8:45 am. 


Your help is vital to the success of the race.  Once you have signed up, we depend on your commitment including a prompt arrival to your shift and remaining until your shift is complete.  

Please notify us if you need to adjust or cancel your assignment by contacting the volunteer coordinator.

We request that all changes be made at least 2 days in advance of the race, but we understand that there may be extenuating circumstances that prevent this.

Please be flexible.  We will make every attempt to honor your job requests, but we may end up with other needs.  

All volunteers will be contacted the week of the race to confirm your job assignment and provide you with any other details you will need to know.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions at any time by emailing

Thank you again for your interest in volunteering to save moms and babies!!!

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