2020-20201 Ambassadors

Our Ambassador Program is an opportunity for both local and non-local runners/walkers to serve as the face of the Inaugural 140 over 90 Run (in person or virtually!).


Our 2020-2021 is currently filled, but please email Victoria for 2021-2022 consideration (vtbuker@gmail.com).

Sabrina is a wife and a mother to 3, who has been blessed to form great friendships with people from many different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles, prompting her to become involved in helping others through a variety of organizations and events.

Follow her runs on Instagram and Twitter: @sabrinajeanjackson

Paula is a wife of one, mom of two, friend of many and she loves supporting great causes.

Follow her runs on Instagram and Twitter: @biggreenpen

Triple stroller mom aka beast mode, certified run coach for Stroller Strong Moms Savannah, you can catch me all over town pushing mile after mile in local races.

Follow her runs on Instagram: @Triple_s.l.a.m.dino

Disney loving boymom who has to run every 5K to be able to eat all the tacos and donuts with minimal guilt. 

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I live in Kansas City, Missouri and love spending time with my family (son Nash and husband Spencer) and running in my free time.

Follow her runs on Instagram: @Ka.fahey

I have always been active in sports (field hockey, swimming, skiing, soccer, softball, tennis, bowling); you name it and I’ve played it. But I wasn’t until I had my children that I realized sports weren’t just hobbies, but life-savers. The physical and mental health benefits are incomparable! Also, since I want my kids to grow up loving running and year round sports, I have to lead by example.

Follow her runs on Instagram: @scarbonetiu

Mom of 1 daughter. Blogger. Loves all things peanut butter.

Follow her on Instagram: @knockonmotherhood

I am a wife to Will and mom to Aliana.  My love for running started when I met my husband. He and running both changed my life for the better.  We now run almost daily with my daughter in order to be a healthy and happy family.  Along the way we realized that we could inspire others to be healthy as well by sharing our experiences and offering positive motivation. We are very excited to be a part of this race and hope to make a difference in the lives of many. 

Follow her on Instagram: @TheFadeleys

Mom of 3, Jeff Galloway fangirl, and runs 5ks on coffee, all the coffee..

Follow her runs on Instagram : @Starwarsmom3

Twin mama, lover of iced coffee, running and the beach :) 

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‘She can do hard things, mama to Morgan and flower aficionado ’

Follow her runs on Instagram: @carmenrogge

58 years old and working on my first marathon hopefully in January. I just started running nine years ago when my daughters started entering high school since then I’ve completed over 20 Half’s marathons ,10 ks and 5 Ks.


I had my daughter 12 days early because my blood pressure was going up and her blood pressure went down.

Follow her on Instagram: @mourhaan